Hydro Whey 100TM


Hydro Whey 100 is the first protein powder ever used with whey protein hydrolysates and amine-free additives, synthetic preservatives, creams or fillers. Hydrolyzate is currently the purest form of protein and is therefore the most effective, but 99% of sports nutritionists refuse to spend a few extra dollars, which will cost them to use.

Almost everyone recognizes the importance of taking whey protein after exercise. However, most people cannot distinguish between high quality whey protein powder and low quality, which is a major problem.Unfortunately, half of the world’s health and fitness enthusiasts still use whey protein. Moreover, almost all people still use whey protein isolates. People over timeWhey protein concentrates are almost useless, while whey protein isolates are old news. Although the transition from semen to isolated individuals is already moving in the right direction, most of them do not understand the vital difference between isolates and sludge. Hydrolyzed whey protein is better than any other protein source, but you can almost see it in a protein mixture.These companies are very cheap and don’t spend an extra couple, so they use focus or isolation because their protein source is much cheaper. Well, you get what you pay for. Whey protein hydrolysate is just more expensive because it is better.Very few protein powders that use whey protein solutions are used as part of the mixture, which means they are mixed with other protein sources. For example, the company may use 50% of the water concentration and 50%. This is what you want to avoid because the center will make the mixture dirty and eventually degrade the hydrolysates. Amino acids are building muscle blocks. Protein tremors are very useful because they provide basic amino acids for muscle fibers, allowing muscles to build their muscles more efficiently than before. So you see, another problem with concentrated whey protein supplements is that the number of amino acids is naturally low (relatively speaking). Since the purity of the protein is very low, the amount of amino acids cannot be high.The only way to obtain a high percentage of amino acids is to obtain a dietary supplement containing a weak protein mixture, which is not good if the company that made the supplement works in the amino acid process.

Whey 100 Benefits

Here are all the advantages of Hydro Whey 100:·

Increased muscle mass·

Increase muscle growth and recovery·

Improve athletic performance·

Absorption of nutrients very quickly·

Reduce the accumulation of lactic acid