Top 6 Construction Myths


Although many of the misconceptions surrounding the construction industry have been slowly dispelled over time as the industry developed and developed, there are still myths regarding builders and the work environment that continue to harm the industry’s image.

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Constructing is bad for the environment

Many people think that construction is bad for the environment because some materials emit carbon dioxide and can’t be recycled. However, this isn’t true and doesn’t reflect the entire industry. It might surprise you to learn that the construction industry contributes significantly to sustainability. Green buildings and environmentally-friendly designs are on the rise. Construction encompasses all aspects of building design. This includes ecology, energy use and pollution management. Construction workers can make a significant impact on the sustainability of a home or work place, making it more sustainable for the future.

The industry is dominated by cowboy builders

While there are likely to be a few untrained, unqualified workers who do substandard work and claim to be builders, these builders are rare and easy to avoid. You can be certain of a high-quality, durable construction that looks great and functions well by using a qualified business such as the National Federation of Builders.

Construction is a niche career.

Many people believe that construction is a job where you build walls. Many builders have risen up the corporate ladder to become managers, engineers, scientists, and even entrepreneurs. You can become a manager by learning all aspects of construction. This will allow you to effectively lead a team, solve more challenging projects with your own hands-on experience, or pass your knowledge on to apprentices and students enrolled in college courses. You can even take university courses to learn the skills that you have acquired on-site. This will give you an advantage and allow you to choose your career path.

This industry is too dangerous

Although construction can expose you to dust, machinery, heavy tools, and other debris, it isn’t actually dangerous. There are strict safety and health guidelines that must be adhered to in order to ensure the safety and health of everyone working on construction sites. This includes the requirement for proper protective clothing and training in how to operate machinery. It also helps to ensure that you and your coworkers are aware of the best way to proceed to complete the task safely.

It’s a man-made industry

You might be surprised to learn that the majority of power in the construction industry is held by women! There are over 320,000 women working in construction in the UK. They fill roles in civil engineering, architecture, quantity surveying, and many other areas. These professional women could be the ones that you have to answer to. It is wrong to think that construction is only for men. This can lead to women being discouraged from considering a career in the field. Construction is one of the few industries that has seen a fair representation of men and women today.

Only those who did not do well in school can go into construction

Construction is just as important as any other industry. Some roles in construction require the most training. For example, architects must train for seven years. A civil engineer or architect is responsible for making sure that any building, bridge, or monument designed is strong enough to withstand heavy loads and time. This is a huge responsibility. These skills are not the only ones required in construction. Maths, computer knowledge, and chemistry are also essential.

Construction is a multimillion-pound industry. High salaries are available to those who have the right skills. Another benefit is that these skills are highly sought after throughout the industry. You can also get sponsored to attend university to help you develop your career and avoid any debt.