Types of Expansion Joints Covers


An expansion joint or movement joint is constructed to carefully consume the temperature persuaded the expansion and reduction of construction materials. To absorb vibration and hold parts together. They mostly occur among parts of the building, sidewalks, bridges, railway tracks, ships, piping system.


Expansion joints covers are used for many purposes especially for architectural designs. There are many types of expansion joints covers, most common types are briefly explained below.

  1. Metal Expansion Joint

Metal is commonly considered to be the widest form of expansion joints. Having a removable protective cover for a metal development joint will help keep in the warmth, while the expansion joints control the deflection cycles without damaging the pipe. Metal joints can’t control the similar type of circumstances but are strong enough to bear the higher pressures.

  1. Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber joints are capable of transverse, and angular movement and axial compression and expansion. In some cases, having the right removable insulation cover due to increased temperature and changes in the environment of the joint.

  1. Fabric Expansion Joint:

It is designed to tolerate the low temperature, low pressure because it is light in weight. Fabric joints used in the pipe which carry hot gases but the pressure is very low.