Fashion Guide and Tips on Shopping Designer Shoes


Designer shoes can be considered as one of the girl’s best friend. They are highly covered by women from all around the world. So, it is not surprising anymore that these items can go out of stocks just a week after its release to the market. However, while shoes are believed to last a long time, for those who can’t afford to settle with branded one must be extra careful when selecting the type of shoes they are going to buy.

The following are the 7 fashion guide and tips on shopping designer shoes:

Wait a while

Contrary to what many fashionable women say that buying “last season’s” branded shoes is not really a bad thing. You must choose a style that is classic look rather than something that is voguish. Getting pair of shoes from last season will give you huge discount as much as 50 percent to 70 percent off during sale season. If you run out of spending budget, you can use the savings that you will get if you shop on sale.

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Choose an investment piece

The more fashionable the shoes are, the more likely that it will become easily dated. If you are really planning on getting a new pair of designer shoes as a form of investment, you must make sure that you get a style that you will be able to use for a long time. You can also get flipkart coupons for shoes from website

Do not buy fake branded Shoes

No matter what the class” the seller indicate about the fake branded shoes that she is selling, never buy such goods just to have a designer brand shoes. If you can’t manage to buy the real and designer brand, then you must save and wait ‘till you can afford it.

Scout for second-hand branded shoes

If you don’t mind buying second hand stuff, then why not check auction sites and rake thrift stores for possible designer shoes? Of course, if you are going to take this kind of shopping you need to be very careful with the pair of shoes that you are going to buy. You don’t want to be victimized into buying a fake pair of branded shoes right? Search the web to help you find helpful advice on how to spot fake designer items online. Just remember these tips whenever you are looking for second hand designer shoes.

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Keep a lookout for sample sales

This is your best bet in availing designer pieces at a lower cost. Of course, do be informed that these sample sales can get pretty overwhelming so if you really like something, get it while you still can.

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Shop on credit

If there is a pair of branded shoes that you just can’t get out of your head but you are short of cash, then why not buy it on credit. This process can give you more time to save enough money,and you have to make sure that you do; in order to pay for it the next month. You need to be a wiser buyer to get the designer shoes or opi colors that you fall in love with.