Five Easy Cooking Tips You Must Know


You are not the only one who is spending more time at home due to coronavirus. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and people around the world are being urged to “social distancing” to keep their indoor spaces clean. People are now looking for new hobbies and other activities to entertain themselves. There are many cooking tips you can learn, no matter how experienced or new you are at the kitchen.

We’ve collected a few cooking tips and tricks to keep you busy until you get vaccinated. These tricks will also be useful after normal kulinarika life returns to normal.

1. Sharpen knives the right way

How many times have you sharpened your knives since the last time? They should be able to cut through paper if they aren’t cutting it. To keep your knife sharp, use a knife sharpener (or a whetstone) and you can also keep your blade straight using honing steel between sharpening sessions.

You are turning the knife’s bent edge around by putting the sharp edge back in place when you hone it. Sharpening involves removing layers of metal from your knife’s blade to restore the sharp edge. This is not something you need to do often if you hone it frequently,” Jamie Palafox, senior evaluation at Auguste Escoffier school of Culinary Arts, previously stated Eat This, Not That. You won’t have to sharpen your knife if you keep it slicing through tomatoes easily by honing it often.

2. Salmon can be poached in the best way possible

You don’t have to be a baker to enjoy baked salmon. Poaching salmon in a pot with herbs and aromatics is a great way to make it shine.

Still stuck? This is the easiest way to poach salmon every time.

3. You can easily carve a turkey

Turkeys aren’t just for Thanksgiving. This tip will make it easy to impress your family when the holidays arrive. Alton Brown suggests that you remove the turkey breasts first. Next, remove the wings and drumsticks. When slicing the turkey breasts to serve, make sure you cut across the grain.

4. Make fluffy, perfectly cooked rice

Two things are key to making the best rice ever: Rinse the rice. Second, do not cover your rice with a lid while it is cooking. To make your rice fluffy, you need steam!

5. Make the best cup of coffee you have ever had

Alton Brown’s trick will make it easy to ditch your Keurig. Brown suggests adding boiling water from the kettle or microwave to a French press, and steeping for 4 minutes. To make your coffee extra delicious, you can add a pinch salt to the grounds.