Once you done with the imaginary work and put your design down. The main work is now left to choose colors for your printed shirts. Because it will help it look more appealing. The choice of right color make your shirt look more attractive and the wrong choice of color might make it a fashion disaster.

While choosing the color for your shirt you must first of all need to know that for what event you’re designing it or where would you wear it. Or you must need to know if you’re designing it for a day or night time.

If you’ve designed a shirt which have letters written on it and you want those letter to be more appealing, you better need to have a lighter base color and a brighter color to fill in the shirts. Like, you can use black, brown, red, blue, grey in the letters whilst you can use white, sky blue, violet or any other lighter/nude shade in the base color. This way your shirt would be more enhancing.

You can take advantage of complementary colors while you’re hanging out with friends. You can use micro-prints, digital camo, Aztec, florals, cheetah or geometrics. Keep them with funky colors.

Souls are influenced by colors. So always choose colors in singapore t shirt printing services which suits you and grasps other’s attention.