The Lance 1575 travel trailer will impress if you are looking for more space. Our lightweight engineering technology allowed us to fit the 1575 with the “Super Slide” dinette, and keep the weight to just 2775 pounds*. This trailer is larger than similar trailers due to the large windows and skylights throughout the living and bathroom areas.

Apart from the solid Lance 1575 travel trailer engineering, which replaces wood walls with Azdel(tm), and our Euro-Ply which makes cabinets strong. You also get completely redesigned decors including glazed cabinet doors and stunning counters. Standard features include a dry bath, comfortable sleeping for 4 and a very spacious bed. 1575. The new big is small.

The Lance Camper trailer makes a great addition to any outdoor adventures you might take. This trailer is perfect for anyone who enjoys taking trips to the mountains, fishing, canoeing or canoeing. The queen-sized bed will provide a comfortable night’s sleep. You can also convert the U-shaped dinette to make more sleeping space. This trailer has a single slide that gives you all the space you need for cooking, eating, and lounging. For additional entertainment, you can add the optional LED TV 28 inches!

Every Lance trailer comes with Azdel interior panels and block foam insulation. This allows you to camp confidently even in adverse weather conditions. And because the fresh water tank has been enclosed, heated, and insulated, you don’t have to worry about the water supply freezing. The units come with LED interior lighting and a bath skylight that allows for more standing space and natural light. There is also an exterior wash station to clean your camping gear. Only thing you should be focusing on is the joy that awaits each Lance travel trailer owner!

Lance 1575 Travel Trailer, Camp Anywhere During Any Season

Campers Inn Merrimack NH is proud to have the Lance 1575 travel trailer in their vast inventory of trailers. Lance has been in business for 50 years, producing some of the best small RV’s in industry. Lance has been the most popular Truck Camper in America for many decades. They are not the most expensive or the most luxurious. They are the most reliable, durable, easy to use, and versatile campers in the business.

Lance made the decision to increase their product range by offering lightweight, 4-season lance 1575 travel trailers 5 years ago. Lance 1575 small travel trailer brand has grown rapidly over the past 3 years. People who are looking for quality engineering and construction, exceptional camping experiences, and affordable towing options will love the Lance 1575 travel trailer.

William Hill, our regional Lance Representative, invited me to visit the Lance Manufacturing facility in Lancaster CA, December 2012. William was not only an excellent host, but also a great educator. This wasn’t the first manufacturing facility I visited. I was surprised at the different manufacturing methods Lance used to make their trailers. William enjoys communicating with campers.

California has stricter guidelines for manufacturers. This results in happier employees and lower turnover. This is because the workforce has more experience and tenure than other RV workers. The average Lancaster employee has been at the Lancaster facility for more than 12 years. This means Lance has been EPA rated ECO Green and shows the greatest commitment to being environmentally friendly. There are fewer volatile organic compounds that are emitted during construction, and fewer in the field during use. There are no more runny noses and watery eyes that you would get from a travel trailer 1575 parked in the sun. They do not contain the same harsh chemicals as other products. They are therefore great for campers suffering from allergies.