Meet Lisa Marie Cannon – An Internist who also focuses on Laparoscopic Techniques


Maximum numbers of people have had an experience with taking medicine all through their lives, whether it is a painkiller for a stomach ache or prescribed antibiotics for a virus. Many doctors go to medical school to study in a specific field and about the issue of treatments. In the United States, doctors specialize in all these things need to be certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Doctors who study internal medicine begin as general internists all through their internships and residencies and may develop into specialties.

An internal medicine doctor is chiefly a doctor who is devoted to diagnoses, preventative care, and treatment for disease that effect adults. A physician in internal medicine has more dedicated education in contrast to a general practitioner. In addition, this doctor does not focus on things such as obstetrics or pediatrics. The main role of this doctor is to treat, diagnose, and prevent issues related with all areas of the adult human body.

Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon is an internist established in New Jersey who specializes in sleep medicine, pulmonology, and critical care. As an internist she has received wide-ranging clinical training, though the training differs significantly from region to region. Characteristically, an internist spends four years on an undergraduate degree, then four to five additional years in tertiary medical school. From there, an internal medicine specialist goes on to learn through a residency training program for usually two years. After this residency is finished, internists will move on to study in a sub specialization. Most internists are qualified to practice completely on one system or organ, making them much more effective at the care of their specific specialization. This specialization training can take anywhere from three to ten years, depending on the area studied and the state law.

Internal Medicine may sound easy, but this field is extremely intricate, leading to medical professionals in this field being referred to as “the doctor’s doctor”. Instead of concerning themselves with one particular area of the body, internists are typically dedicated to the study and diagnoses of problems of the entire body. Their area of focus is disorders and diseases that afflict multiple parts of the body, often in apparently unconnected systems of the body.

Given the complicated nature of the area of their education, these internists are often called on to serve many roles in the medical field. Apart from specializing in internal medicine, Lisa Marie Cannon focuses in the surgical care of patients’ suffering from diverticulitis colon and rectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, complex anorectal disorders, and other disorders of the colon and rectum. Lisa has interest in laparoscopic techniques and the use of improved recovery ways to shorten recovery time and decrease post-operative pain.

Dr. Cannon is devoted to considerate, customized clinical care for patient by utilizing the most current evidence to permit for the best possible surgical consequences. She also has curiosity in progressing patient safety and surgical quality with a stress on patient handoffs and interdisciplinary team interaction.