Top Six 2014 Wedding Trends


‘Tis the season for Bridal Fairs all across the country, and they’ll be focusing on 2014 wedding trends.

First of all, casual seems to the be the trend for just about every aspect of weddings this year, including some fun, if not flat out funny photos of the bride and groom after the ceremony.

2014 wedding trends seem to be heading toward the light and comfy as opposed to the traditional “stuffed-shirt” and formal affairs of decades ago when our parents and grandparents got married.

Couples seem to be looking for less restrictions and “store-bought,” and leaning more toward “do-it-yourself.” And not always to save money, but more to express their own personalities and make it a day to really remember, rather than getting all uptight about what could go wrong.

Now we’re going to take a walk through the top searched-for wedding trends for 2014, from cakes to flowers.

Some of these wedding trends actually started a couple of years ago, and seem to be continuing on through this year too. And as fun as it all seems to be, it would be nice if these trends actually became the “norm” for future generations.

The accent is on neon and bright colors for this year, as well as some pastel mixes for spring and summer weddings.

Mix, match and coordinate with lace, which is a hot trend. A lot of these ideas can be DIY too!

Wedding trends for the bride’s dress – blush, pink and gold are the trending colors more than the traditional white or antique white.

Lace wedding dresses are a big trend this year too, as well as halter style dresses or even straps.

For bridesmaids, you might get lucky with a one-style-fits-all dress for your maids, but not all of them may feel comfortable wearing it.

It’s best if they feel comfortable in the dress as well as look good in the style.

The trend today is for the bride to choose the color and type of fabric, then let her bridesmaids select dresses that they’re comfortable wearing.

Small and elegant seems to be the trend now. Remember the huge displays of a few years ago – layers split up over elaborate fountains.

Couples are saving money today and going back to the less elaborate but stylish and individual wedding cakes that present a certain elegance at the reception without being overly intrusive.

Wedding trends for cake toppers seem to be moving away from the traditional bride and groom figurine cake toppers, and leaning more toward abstract designs or flowers in the color theme of the wedding.

Staying with a “minimalist” style plus the colors and DIY, a lot of couples are opting for silk flowers for their bouquets, centerpieces and even cake toppers.

Faux flowers last longer and budget conscience couples can get more for their money going with silk or even Origami flowers.

Finger foods and hors d’oeuvres were trendy for a few years, and a lot of couples still do this to save money and still have a nice reception. But couples seem to be moving back into the trend of fuller meals, if not full buffet dinners, then more formal but still casual sit-down dinners at their receptions.

Some wedding and event planners think there may be an increase in couples booking live entertainment – bands or magicians, for example – and having a disc jockey play the music during the band’s break.

There also may be a trend toward more outdoor weddings using tents in open spaces. Plain white tents allow the couple more flexibility with their decorating too.