USF Student Health Services


The assignment of USF Student Health Services is to provide exceptional health care that provides value and promotes lifelong well-being into the USF Student Health Services. Pupils receive unlimited office visits to our healthcare team, included as a portion of the tuition.

Student Health Services USF

The USF Student Health Services is much like a private physician’s office, and pupils have access to professional, affordable healthcare centrally situated on campus in the event and when it’s necessary. The Services provides many health care solutions, such as comprehensive women’s services, psychological services, nutritional counselling and athletic instruction. There’s an onsite lab with phlebotomy solutions for all vital tests.


Provide a broad selection of health services, such as physical examinations, smoking cessation and TB testing.

Provide laboratory lab tests like Strep, Mono and pee dip.

Instruction on sleep difficulties and ways to get better sleep.

Tracking of diabetes, higher cholesterol, higher blood pressure, and even asthma.

Prescription refill authorization


USF Student Health Service ( SHS) doctors with college coworkers in the College of Medicine (COM) and USF Health doctors who have sway (evaluation( grading) on clinical students’ academic advancement shall be accessible for the treatment and care of health issues, such as psychiatric or emotional issues, that can avail pupils seeing care for these solutions in USF SHS Health is going to be instructed to see different suppliers as appropriate.

University of Central Florida, College of Medicine students that are enrolled and assigned to a clinical rotation in the Bay Pines Veterans Affairs Medical Center could use the University of South Florida’s (USF) medical centers for clinical appointments and are invited to critique USF’s sites: St. Petersburg campus or Tampa campus or contact the wellness centers right for the particular services provided by each place.

When a student desires medical services out of USF or by USFSP (Saint Petersburg), then they ought to contact Monica Barksdale in USF’s health services right at, or even Melanie McCabe in USFSP’s (Saint Petersburg) Wellness Center right in, and identify themselves at a USF College of Medicine student, also schedule a consultation. The health fee students pay heed the student to boundless doctor (supplier ) visits throughout the session. For the other providers (e.g. x-rays, prescriptions, lab procedures, injections and health supplies), USF will help students with the entry of insurance claims into the pupil’s insurance provider, when proper.


Pupils may encounter medical conditions, emotional ailments, illnesses or accidents that need them to be away in the classroom or office, or that influence their ability to perform optimally in course or on examinations.

Attendance is the responsibility of the student and teachers have the discretion to accept or accept any lack. Although SHE may confirm you received attention and supply a statement in support of thought of an excused absence, just the teacher may excuse an absence. Additionally, it’s very important to be aware that prolonged absences for any reason can influence a student’s academic standing and/or capacity to complete an academic program. Students must be sure to go over their absences with their instructors at their first opportunity (prior to, during or immediately following their return to course based on the conditions of the medical condition or process ). That is solely the obligation of the pupil. There’s not any circumstance where SHS can offer a notice if you weren’t seen by our suppliers.

Verification of Care Type

This form confirms that you received good care of SHS on the recorded date.

Verification of Care Notice

SHS could supply a”Verification of Care” note just if we’re involved in your health care for three or more times, or in restricted instances of acute illness/injury if clinically indicated.

If a scientist then needs a note to get a medical lack of over three times; the pupil must first complete a release of health information consent form in SHS, then the professor should offer USF Student Health Services using a written petition on USF departmental letterhead.

When relevant, a standardized correspondence is finished, a copy is provided for the teacher as well as the letter is flashed into the patient’s electronic health record. PLEASE NOTE: When a patient receives care due to their illness or injury from a non-SHS medical supplier, they need to get a”Evidence of Care” note in the health care supplier who provided the care.

If a patient considerably improves before the projected return date, or the disease continues longer than anticipated, the individual might want to procure an extra”Verification of Care” notice. If a patient requires extra time for healing before returning to work or classes, they need to go back to observe the USF Student Health Services supplier before the initial estimated return .

Unless specifically requested by the individual, SHS doesn’t put a diagnosis on a justification notice. USF staff doesn’t release details about an individual’s psychiatric or medical illness to USF administrators, teachers, parents (unless the individual is a minor) or companies without the patient’s condition consent along with a signed release.