What Boise State Vs Virginia Tech Really Means to the College Football Season


Arguably the premier game on the 2010 Virginia Tech football schedule is the first one. The Hokies will play Boise State at what is supposed to be a neutral field in Landover, MD just outside Washington DC. However considering the proximity of the FedEx to Virginia Tech and a large VT alumni base, and the distance from Boise, it is closer to a home game for the Hokies (those the Boise State Bronco fan base does tend to travel well). Virginia Tech Boise State tickets will be in high demand and a one of the toughest Virginia Tech tickets to get in 2010.

This game will feature 2 likely top 5 ranked college football teams in 2010 and will be of interest not only to their fan bases but to college football fans in general. By putting the game on in primetime on September 6 (Labor Day), ESPN has turned it into a made for TV event. It also has given both programs plenty of off-season anticipation and Frank Beamer, the head coach of Virginia Tech has often said that this type of game adds great focus to off-season preparation.

This game has broader implications to college football, beyond just the destiny of Virginia Tech and Boise State football. Boise State is a loaded squad and despite being in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) – and headed to the Mountain West Conference next year – they are highly ranked and considered a national championship contender. This is due to the fact that the squad was undefeated in 2009, including wins over Oregon from the PAC10 and a previously unbeaten TCU squad.

Boise State also returns 21 of 22 starters from last year, something almost impossible to do, and thus many expect them to have a good chance to run the table again in 2010. If they beat Virginia Tech in September, and go on to go undefeated, there’s a strong possibility they could be playing for the BCS National Championship.

BCS scenarios are impossible to predict, and an undefeated mid-major team has been left out many times, but Boise has a real advantage in 2010. That would be its starting top 5 ranking in the polls at the beginning of the year, plus the credibility it gained in 2009. Again, its impossible to predict all the scenarios, and certainly some undefeated teams in major conferences would lock out Boise from the BCS title game. But an undefeated Bronco team has better chance than ever of playing for the title in 2010.

For VT football, this game is a sub-plot on their season as well. The Hokies generally have an annual goal of winning the ACC, and this game has no bearing on that. However this is thought to be a very promising year for the Hokies, who have played in but never won a college football championship. This is one of the pendulum swinging years where Virginia Tech could make a run at a BCS championship, and it won’t happen unless they beat Boise State in the opener.

This will be a great match-up and will have the full attention of the college football world. A lot about both teams will already be determined after the VT vs Boise game on September 6 is over!