Why you need a professional bathroom fitter


There are many options when it comes to installing a bathroom. You have the option of sourcing the materials and putting it together yourself. This is the classic DIY job. You can purchase the materials and have a general builder put it together. You can also hire a professional bathroom fitter who will design and install your bathroom from beginning to end. Here at realhomeimprovements.com, we believe you should always leave it to the professionals when renovating your bathroom, and here are our reasons why…

What could we do to help?

Are you searching for a bathroom contractor who works in Burnley or in the areas around?

Real Home Improvements is here to assist you with any bathroom remodeling needs.

Bathroom fitters near me have the knowledge and qualifications to handle a wide range of needs. No matter how big the task, we’re ready to assist.

We are proud of our impeccable reputation, craftsmanship and professionalism. From installing a new shower cubicle , to installing a complete new suite with tiling the floor, you can count on our staff to deliver a professional service that is of the highest quality at extremely competitive prices.


It takes time to install a bathroom, especially if you choose the DIY route. This is particularly important if you have only one bathroom. Without a bathroom, you will be stuck for weeks! It will take half the time to have your bathroom remodeled by a professional. A bathroom remodel can take a lot time, especially if you are a one-man contractor. Let an expert fitter handle the job instead. A majority of bathroom fitters have a career in this field, so they will be able complete the job in half the time. This is especially important if you have only one bathroom. You can’t go weeks without having a shower/toilet!

Bathroom fitters are professionals who can assist with design.

Each bathroom is unique. Every home has different budgets, needs and sizes. As a team we have completed numerous bathroom remodels for homes of different styles and needs. We have years of experience in fitting bathrooms so we know what works well and what doesn’t. We will help you design your bathroom before spending too much money on the wrong things.

Accurate bathroom estimates

Bathroom renovations can be expensive, and we know that. However, hiring a bathroom fitter will allow you to design the perfect bathroom within your budget. You can’t do this if you are installing a bathroom by yourself. It is difficult to know the right tools and materials that you will need.

No hidden costs

We will show you all the costs upfront so that there is no chance of unexpectedly high bills at the end. With this information, you can plan accordingly for the future and have peace of mind knowing that everything is covered. You never know what kind of materials you will need to fit a new bathroom.


Professional bathroom fitters are skilled professionals who have probably installed hundreds of bathrooms. Most bathroom installers will be happy to give advice and guidance on which design is best. You can also choose from thousands of designs.

Every job is guaranteed to be satisfactory

A professional can give you the peace of mind you won’t get from a DIY project. You can always count on us for advice and support, from beginning to end. We are confident that you will have a bathroom you love and that will last for many years.