How to kick bad kitchen cleaning habits


Are you feeling renewed by the new year’s arrival? We are definitely feeling it. The clean start has motivated us to clean. We have been trying to improve our cleaning habits in the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions and being our best selves in 2022. This means getting rid of bad kitchen cleaning habits.

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This year we will be tackling a series of bad cleaning habits that are worth changing. We will start in the kitchen. It’s the heart of your home and where you prepare all your meals, so it’s important to clean it regularly. Let’s get started! These are five bad kitchen cleaning habits that you need to avoid this year.

Don’t forget your sponge!

Do you clean your cleaners? It’s high time you started thinking about how hygiene affects your sponge and sink. First, make sure your sponge is able to drain. It is not doing its body any favors sitting in its own food-particle-laden water. It can be as easy as lifting it off the dish soap bottle and rubbing it against it. It is important to let it dry between uses.

It should be cleaned regularly. You can either run it through the dishwasher or microwave it, or soak it with full-strength vinegar and diluted bleach. Bam! Now you’re ready to wash dishes with no weirdness.

Don’t forget to clean your sink when you are cleaning your kitchen counters. You never know what bacteria might grow there, so make sure to clean it regularly.

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Get rid of your disposal care

You think your garbage disposal is one those “set-it-andforget-it” things? You might be wrong. You need to give your garbage disposal some love. Think about all the things you have asked your garbage disposal to take care of over the years. There are many options for garbage disposal cleaners. You can either buy them or make your own. Add half a cup baking soda and then add one cup of white vinegar. Let it rest for ten minutes before adding boiling water.

You can freeze citrus peels to make ice cubes if you have a stinky garbage disposal. For an instant refresh, run them through your disposal.

Stop dumping grease down your drain! This can cause problems in your household plumbing and have far-reaching consequences. A fatberg is a term that you may have heard of. You read it right. Fatberg. It seems that grease can build up in our sewer systems and bond with calcium. This creates huge fatbergs that can stick to the ceiling of the sewer system. This can lead to major sewer backups over time. Don’t let this happen. Keep a metal lidded coffee canister under the sink. Once it is full, pour your oils and grease into it. After it is full, and all liquids are set and cooled, you can dispose of it safely in the trash.

First, clean the floors

Move from the top to the bottom when cleaning your kitchen. Clean your stovetop first. If you don’t, the wiped-off material could settle right next to where you cook your food. This is true for all areas of the kitchen. Clean the top of your kitchen, clean cabinets and then disinfect the counters. We have some eco-friendly DIY disinfectant ideas for you. You can finish the floor by cleaning up any food or dust particles that may have been accumulating.

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Procrastination is an unfortunate fact of human existence. It’s difficult to rank it among the worst kitchen cleaning habits, as it is in a different field. It’s worth it to try to get past when it comes to your home kitchen.

Why? You invite problems by letting things sit in the sink (yes, that whole “I’m leaving them to soak”) routine. First, any leftover food can mold if it is left at room temperature. You invite pests to your home, as well as bacteria. You will be surprised at how many pests are coming to your home in the middle of the night.

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You forgot your fridge

A sparkling kitchen is beautiful. You shouldn’t overlook the parts you can’t see as you admire your work. Particularly your fridge needs to be cleaned. It is important to make it part of your routine to clean the fridge, open doors and wipe down shelves. A fridge sweep can help you avoid discovering that there is a tiny life form in the jelly jar at the back. You can also reduce food waste. You’re more likely than not to use what is about to expire if you are aware of it. This saves money. It is well worth taking a few extra minutes.