Facilities of private dinner cruise Amsterdam for two hours


Private dinner cruise Amsterdam is very famous; whoever spends time in Amsterdam they always do a dinner on a cruise at once. The price of the cruise depends on the boat. If you are hiring big boat then prices would be high accordingly, and if you are hiring a normal boat then the price would be affordable. Each of the boats provides different kinds of facilities. Here are some of the facilities that you get on private boat rentals Amsterdam.

  1. They provide the facility of dinner on the boat in the middle of the sea.
  2. You can also enjoy the buffet with the family if the numbers of persons are more than 10.
  3. They provide minimum 2 hours ride only not more than this.
  4. 220-volt socket is also available that you can use for charging a mobile or any other device.
  5. The heating facility is also available on the boat.
  6. Windows are removable. If you do not like to have windows then you can remove it.
  7. The sound system is available on the boat for enjoying romantic music with your loved one
  8. The environment is very friendly the boat captain will cooperate with you.
  9. There is a balcony in the boat where you can make pictures and gaze the beautiful sea.
  10. Some of the boats contain removable roof, but most of the boats do not contain the removable roof.
  11. They would pick you from the stations and drop you at the station when their time would complete.

These are the facilities which private canal cruise boat tour Amsterdam boat provides to people at an affordable price. When a number of people increase the price of the boat reduces. If you are only two people, then they would charge a high price for you, but if you are more than 10 then prices would automatically reduce. There are lots of people who arrange the party on the boat. They hire a boat for 2 hours and celebrate a birthday, success party, Job treat etc. Usually, the young people love to enjoy on the cruise and have drinks instead of food.

The boat management would do an arrangement as per your need and requirement, if you need dinner on the boat, then they would do it accordingly, and if you do not want dinner only drinks then they would arrange drinks only.