The best passes for rail travel Europe


When travelling from one point to another using the train, one of the most tedious things is changing passes and connecting trains. This can be frustrating when you are new in the Europe and you need to get service that can be able to get you through the cities and even through the countries. It is therefore a relief if you can rail travel efficiently and still get value for you money and times. This is by ensuring that you hitch train service that will provide flexible and custom solutions for you travel. Some of the major passes that are offered by rail services can be able to do just that.

The best passes for rail travel Europe

Multi-country passes

Here you can be able to access more than 25 countries in Europe that are connected by rail. The Eurail pass allows you to travel from one country to the next using one pass.  You also have the liberty of choosing from the 25 regions and plan for travel to  between 2 and 6 countries that are connected by rail.  This is important is ensuring that you can plan your time and be able to make use of the pass to travel to most of the countries.

Single country travel pass

This is the pass that will allow you as an individual pick one country that you want to travel in. for example you can be able to get a pass to travel in Poland. This means that the pass can only be used to travel within Poland. It is important for tourists that need to visit the different tourist attraction that are located in one country. There is also a special pass that allow all day travel using one pass. This usually expires before midnight.

Eurail Select pass

This pass allows you to choose four countries that you want travel to. This way of rail travel Europe gives you the time to explore the different countries by train. It is usually valid for two month and on the chosen days that you have decided to travel. It is however limited to some of the countries that have been selected. The pass is also valid for many different trains that you will use within a day, which is from midnight to midnight.  It also has the advantage in that you do not have to use the pass on consecutive days. This allows you some time to rest.

The Eurail global flexi pass

This allows you to travel in some particular selected days within the time that the pass is valid. This provides the flexibility that you need when traveling. The day is usually considered to be 24 hours which is from midnight to midnight. You also have the freedom of traveling on any number of trains unlimited.

Eurailglobal continuous pass

This pass is for continuous travel everyday within the validity of the pass. This is however does not mean that you need to rail travel every day. You will be able to travel unlimited throughout Europe whenever you choose within the limit of the validity of the pass.