Med spa NYC is providing you different methods to keep yourself beautiful


When it comes to talk about beauty, body hairs play vital role in it. Due to this, they want to lose their body hairs. They are doing different activities for this purpose like shaving and waxing. But it can’t work permanently. If you want to lose your body hairs permanently, undergo laser hair removal. This can only possible with the help of med spa. These are working in all over the world. New York city also contains med spa NYC which are performing laser hair removal.

Procedure of hair loss treatment

Due to keep themselves beautiful, all of people want to get laser treatment for permanent hair removal. This require a proper treatment like laser hair removal providing by med spa NYC. Before starting laser hair treatment, it should be your responsibility that you must follow some rules which are as:

  • Patient’s criteria

Patient must contain dark hair and light skin. No doubt, new devices are not working according to color of skin and hairs but result is not more good. This is also least effective on people who have blonde or gray hairs. So, only those people should try to apply laser hair removals who have dark hairs.

  • Working of hair removing lasers

As we know that hairs are undergoing in three phases i.e. growing, resting and shedding. The dark pigments of hairs called melanin are destroying by light of laser during growth phase. Due to this, hairs are easily shed in 10 to 14 days. It is also your responsibility that you shower with mild sugar scrub on the 10th day of treatment.

  • Areas of treatment

As the basic purpose of laser treatment is to remove the hairs of your body so it applies on legs, shoulder, arm, back and chest. Little area of upper lip and chin can also be treated with this phenomenon. Permanent hair removal of lip and chin can be treated by electrolysis.

  • Availability of laser treatment

This treatment is completed in four to six sessions, within 4 weeks. You can easily remove your 70 to 80 percent hairs by this method. If you want to completely lose your hairs, continue your treatment for at least one year.

  • Preparation of treatment

Before starting your treatment, you must shave before at least three days. It is depending up to the people that how severe is the type of laser.