Raphael Health Center: Jesus’ Healing Ministry


Dr. Frank Kik gave a sermon at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church 25 years ago that transformed the social services landscape in Indianapolis. Raphael Health Center was founded in the same way as the Legal Clinic. It was started by six lawyers who were inspired to help others in need.

Raphael CEO Sherry Gray said that Dr. Kik encouraged a Sunday school class on social justice to address the needs of the Mapleton-Fall Creek residents. He claimed he knew many providers and that there was enough space in the building directly across from the church. He said, “Why don’t we just start helping people?”

Raphael, which began as a volunteer clinic that was only open on Saturdays in 1994, has grown to include 60 employees ichigo time travel fanfiction and many programs. Sherry states that they have psychologists, counselors, dental care, mental healthcare, behavioral health, and two counselors. Optometry will be added in January. They also have in-house laboratories, prenatal care coordination and financial counselors.

Raphael offers more than just medical care. They provide transportation and food assistance. They can help any person in the community who needs to enroll in programs.

Sherry describes Raphael’s mission: “Our mission it to serve all people with the healing ministry Jesus Christ regardless of race, ethnicity, or ability to pay. They care for everyone.” Indiana has one the highest infant mortality rates in the country. This makes them passionate about supporting new mothers and their infants. We really concentrate on what we can do to help mom and baby through the first year.

Sherry recalls a mother who was without a support system, had no place to live, and had just given birth to her second child. Raphael staff brought pieces of furniture to this mother, including a chair, nightstand, and even a bed. The staff then loaded up a truck, went to the apartment and set it all up. This is Sherry’s favorite part of Raphael’s work.

“It’s not the job of us to judge anyone. She says it’s up to us to find ways we can support and help in meaningful ways. “Preaching about the importance of life but not taking on the practical side is meaningless to anyone. We value life by making sure this patient has enough food and water to last the week.

Raphael Health Center

Raphael Health Center has 1 location. Raphael Health Center specializes currently in General Dentistry, Dentist/Oral Surgery, Family Medicine and Internal Medicine. It also has a Nurse Practitioner and 10 doctors.