Ichigo Time Travel Fanfiction


The Spirit King gives Ichigo time travel fanfiction a second chance to make things right after the execution of the Visored. He also imprisons himself by the Central 46 following Aizen’s defeat. To find a way to stop Aizen, he went to the past before Kaien Shiba died.

This fanfic includes examples of

The Ace: Kaien is loved by many because he is kind, skilled and hard-working. He comes from a noble family.

Broken Ace: Ichigo, on the other hand, is loved for his skills and connections to nobility. However, he can come across as cold and arrogant/indifferent towards those who don’t know him well or love him. After losing everything he loved, he is a Shell-Shocked Vet and struggles with despair.

Adults are useless: Asuka’s instructors don’t help her with her coursework, and they ignore her when she is bullied.

Kyouraku Shinsui, her cousin tried to intervene but it gave the impression Asuka was coasting on family names.

All the Other Reindeer

Many students find Ichigo isolated and deplorable because of his genius and connection with the Shiba clan. It is very selfish for him. The majority of Ichigo Time Travel Fanfiction

His fans, on the one hand, love him for his skill and dedication. But Ichigo doesn’t like the treatment fans give him. He tends to ignore or avoid most of his fellow students.

Asuka, a poor child from a noble family and Shrinking Violet, is bullied and ignored in school by her peers. A group of students bullied Asuka, Rangiku and other students once again…while Ichigo time travel fanfiction was still there. Needless to mention, no one bullied either of them again after the events that followed, regardless of whether Ichigo was present.

Arrest for Heroism: After Ichigo defeats Aizen in a decisive match, Central 46 takes him and the Visored into custody. He’s too hurt to resist.

Hisakawa is an arrogant Kung Fu Guy. Ichigo likens Hisakawa’s condescension style to Aizen’s. Aizen, however, had the power to back it up.

Big Bad: Aizen must be Stopped

Bigger Problem: Central 46 is the main cause of the story’s problems.

Big Brother Instinct: Kaien protects Ichigo very well, which is a surprise to him as no one believed he needed protection.

Black Sheep. Amongst all the happy and dark-haired Shibas, the pessimistic Ichigo time travel fanfiction is the most prominent. Kidou is also his clan specialty.

Blue Blood: Asuka belongs to the Fujiwara Clan. This is a branch family from the Kyouraku clan and is a less noble house.

Blunt “Yes”, Ichigo Time Travel Fanfiction Asuka asks Ichigo whether he thinks she can be a better fighter. Ichigo questions her about his true beliefs. Asuka says bluntly that he is sure and immediately responds with “Yes.”