The Charm and Romance of a Caribbean Cruise Wedding


The wedding day is by far one of the most memorable days of our lives and it is not surprising that we all look for ways to make this day as unique and romantic as possible. Here is why a Caribbean cruise wedding will cover all your expectations and provide you and those that attend this wedding with the most wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

A Dream Wedding

What can be more romantic then getting married on a cruise ship while at sea or even in a port? Usually most couples choose to marry on the first day on the cruise even before the ship leaves the port so they can have the family members attend and then, leave on  the cruise for their honeymoon. The captain of the ship has the power to marry if you want him to officiate your wedding, if not you can bring along your own minister.

Planning Of A Caribbean Cruise Wedding

It is essential you plan the Caribbean cruise wedding especially if you want to hold it before the cruise starts, as you cannot bring on board anyone without prior permission from the captain and that cannot be obtained the same day in order to ensure the safety of all those onboard and be in concordance with the rules and regulations enforced by the US coast guard.

Everything can and will be catered for by the ship staff if they are advised in time for example, your wedding reception, drinks, food and even the wedding cake. You need to let them know the day you want your Caribbean cruise wedding to take place, how many people will attend and when you want to it take place. You are allowed to bring your own drinks and food provided you obtain the approval of the cruise line first.

Get Help To Get Organized

Due to the fact that many have chosen to wed at sea the ships personnel is familiar with procedures and can assist you in every aspect to have the exact Caribbean cruise wedding you dreamt of so, if you are in doubt of something ask the ships staff for help and guidance and they will be only to happy to oblige.

Have the wedding of your dreams in the unique surroundings of the most romantic settings in the world and follow it by an equally romantic honeymoon to the beautiful beaches and ports of the Caribbean.