Top Tips for Selling Your Property


You have many good reasons to be a real estate agent. You can work from home, make good money, and help people find their dream homes. Petty Real has been serving houses for sale barnoldswick for over 95 years. We have more than 40 passionate and experienced employees.

You might even be the best real estate agent if you put all your effort and hard work into it.

There’s always room to improve, no matter if you’re new or a veteran.

The price – Make it right!

The number one tip when selling is to get the price right the first time. Do not rely on your agent to tell you the truth. Do your own research and check online resources such as

Art of Communication

Communication is essential in any business. But it’s even more important in real estate. Clients don’t want to work alongside agents who are too busy to pay attention to their needs.

People often feel very strongly about selling a piece or property. It doesn’t matter if the property was their business headquarters or their home.

People want to feel that you are listening to their needs and concerns. Your role isn’t to sell your home but to ease their pain.

They trust you with their trust and will be angry if they don’t listen to you. You want to make sure that all of your clients are satisfied so that they will recommend you to others and use your services again when they need them.


Selling your property is all about how it looks. Clear out clutter and get rid of it. Clear out the clutter and give your property a spring clean.


Make sure that your property gets the attention it deserves. You should make it a priority to have your property listed on all major portals, including Rightmove and Zoopla. You could be missing out on a third of potential buyers if you’re not on both!

Agent viewings

Agents are paid a large sum. You should insist that they do their best and arrange for them to take your house for viewings. They will sell your house faster than you. It’s their job.

Take a new look

It’s time to take a new look if viewings have ceased. Recall points 1 through 3. Update the description and take new photos.

Pay attention to smells

Every home has a unique smell. These smells can either attract or repel potential buyers. Potential buyers may be less likely to buy if you own pets. This is my opinion as a dog and cat owner. It is easy to get used to the smells in your home. Be aware of this and make sure to add some universally acceptable smells. Fresh baked bread is a winner. Fresh bread is a popular choice in supermarkets.

It’s the Price Again!

You can always look at the price if you are still having trouble. Each property will sell at the right price.


To be the best realty agent you have to realize that it is impossible for you to do it all on your own. Without the right support, no one can be successful in anything.

This usually means that you form partnerships with people who are willing and able to help you. This also means that you are willing to help their business succeed.

You can network with home loan bankers, professional organizers, or people working in other home-based businesses. It is possible to create great partnerships with builders, interior designers, or even owners of pool maintenance companies.

Keep in touch

It doesn’t matter if the client has found their dream home, but it is important to stay in touch.

It doesn’t mean you have to reach everyone at once. It’s possible to send holiday cards.

Keep in touch with them enough to say hello, and remind them that your business is still going strong. People will be more inclined to recommend you to their friends and families if they feel that you care enough to keep in contact.