Where are fire curtains made?


Because smoke and fire curtains are small and lightweight, they can be hidden above the ceiling. They offer greater architectural freedom than traditional options like doors and walls. A1S Group is a trusted supplier, manufacturer, and installer of industrial shutters, smoke and fire curtain, shutters, as well as fire shutters and smoke curtains. We have trusted partners throughout the UK as well as around the world, and install our entire range across the United Kingdom.

In open-plan settings where aesthetics are important, fire curtains are commonly used.

First, let’s clarify what a fire curtain is.

A fire curtain is a fire-rated textile that can be deployed from the ceiling and prevent smoke and fire from spreading. It consists of a housing (headbox), two lateral guides and a closing strip (bottom-bar).

In response to a power cut or signal from the fire alarm control board, the fire curtain will automatically deploy to close an opening by gravity. The curtain will not lose its integrity once it is uncoiled. You can replace a wall that is not load-bearing with fire curtains.

What is the purpose of a fire curtain?

The curtain will stay in the headbox until it is activated by a local detector, fire alarm control panel or other device. The fire curtain will automatically descend in the event of a fire and seal the opening. The fire curtains are also equipped with fail-safe gravity technology. This will enable the curtain to move at a steady pace under gravity even when there is no power.

Meet the Fire Protective Curtain FA by Fire Curtain Technologies

Fire Curtain FA is an automatic, fail-safe barrier that works with gravity and has integrated seals. The Fire Protective Curtain FA has been approved for fire protection and is UL10D listed. This protective opening curtain is compliant with NFPA 80 and available in 1-hour or 3-hour fire ratings

UL-listed low-voltage 48VDC motor.

Fire Curtain FA is lightweight and low-profile. It can be hidden from view above the ceiling until it’s required. There are many uses for the FA curtain, including openings in firewalls and multi-story atriums.