The Top 5 Ways to Be a Great “Wedding DJ”


1.Professionalism is key Wedding DJ

Professionalism begins before you even arrive at the wedding. For starters, you need a website that is well-designed. The competition can be fierce as wedding DJ make solid income.

Your website should let people know your rates, where you are located, and what makes you different from your competition. Include testimonials on your website!

Respond promptly to clients Do not play into the “party DJ” image. These people want to ensure that they don’t get a hangover from the event you’re DJing.

2.Don’t wait!

It is unacceptable to be late. I repeat, being late is not an option!

You are only one piece in a complex event that has many moving parts. Don’t let this be the reason that things don’t go as planned.

Referring wedding DJ is a popular way to get your services. It’s important to keep the wedding party happy. It is important to ask when you are expected to arrive, what time you should be set up, and how long you will play.

3.It is important to be clear about the expectations you have Wedding DJ

It’s not a good idea to be expected to do everything and take on a lot of responsibilities. Be clear about the hours that you are expected to be working and the hours that you will be absent. Provide overtime options upfront.

This means that even if the wedding is a little late due to everyone having a great time, there won’t be any awkward conversations at the end about how much you get paid.

4.A vast musical knowledge of many styles

You are not a wedding DJ to play your music or the music you love. It’s great to be able to play music you like! Your job is to make sure the wedding guests hear the music they want.

Be sure to be familiar with a variety of music styles, music from different periods, and music that will get them moving. It is very helpful to have a list of songs that the wedding party would like to hear. Even more valuable is a list of songs they don’t want to hear.

5. Your social skills should be up to par

You want your wedding DJ to be liked by everyone. You are often responsible for setting the mood and atmosphere at the wedding. People will want to follow your lead.

Smile, be friendly, and accept any offer. You will need to MC, so ensure that your energy level matches the reception.

You will also need to be able to communicate with drunk guests. They might ask for inappropriate songs, talk you out of your ears, or even spill a drink on you gear. Be calm, firm, and kind.