Best Online Nurseries of 2022


You finally place your order for a few plants to plant in your garden. After much eye strain, it is finally done. You wait anxiously for weeks before your plants arrive. You thought that you would be ordering lush, large plants at a bargain price because of the photos you saw online. You find that the tiny box was full of dead, bare roots and pathetic little plants when you open it. For more information on purchasing plants online, and for tips on how to find reputable online nurseries, continue reading.

You can buy plants online by reviewing all information available on the nursery’s website. Online nurseries often show photos of established plants, but will state in fine print that they only ship young cuttings or bare root. Find out about the shipping method – is each plant individually packed and protected? Do cuttings arrive in soil? These are essential information to have before you buy plants online.

How to tell if an online nursery is reliable Friends and family might be able help you locate the best place to buy plants online. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Ask questions about the quality and shipping of any online nursery that someone recommends to you. Ask the seller if the plant survived winter. Online nurseries that are reputable will have customer reviews and comments. Before ordering plants, make sure you read them. You can also search online gardening forums to ask for feedback on the experiences of others with certain online nurseries.

Also, it is important to remember that local small businesses are good for the community. Although not all local gardens have the exotic or unique plant you desire, you should still support local small businesses. These local garden centers usually have plants that will grow in your area and knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions.

Nature Hills Nursery

Nature Hills is a great place to buy plants online. You will find a huge selection and free shipping if you order more than a certain amount. The plants I ordered were healthy, but the plants were definitely small. Keep this in mind as you place your order.

Nasami Farm

Nasami Farm is unique because it sustainably grows and harvests native New England plants directly from seeds. It also seeks to provide “genetic diversity” to counter the traditional nurseries’ clones.

Central Coast Wilds

Central Coast Wilds was recognized for its environmental restoration efforts and replanting efforts. Central Coast Wilds is not only a leader in sustainability, but also follows through on its commitment to restoration projects in California.

How to Choose the Best Online Nurseries

We only reviewed nurseries that were interested in organic, native, or heirloom plants. Only a few nurseries offer a wide range of seeds and plants, while fewer provide education and support for gardeners.

Tn Nursery

Tree Nursery Co

Trees For Sale Online Nursery

Wholesale Nursery Co

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

We also wanted to find out if nurseries are associated with non-profit environmental organizations or other projects. This could mean that the nursery is also involved in environmental projects or native plant rehabilitation.