7 Types of Bathroom Lighting


7 Types of Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms are one of few rooms in the house that require high-quality, well-designed lighting. You need Bathroom Lighting accurate lighting to do everything from apply makeup and fix your hair to bathing and checking how you look.

Bathroom Ceiling Light

A bathroom ceiling lamp is a light fixture, or series of light fixtures, that is located in the bathroom ceiling. It is usually located at the middle. Ceiling lights provide general lighting for the bathroom. The switch located near the door controls general lighting.

The ceiling light is often the only light source in the bathroom. The ceiling light will help you locate yourself when you enter the bathroom. Additionally, it will provide background lighting for tasks at mirrors and counters.

Wall Sconce Lights

Sconce lights can be mounted in pairs. One is on either side of the mirror and the other one is usually above the sink. Mounting the sconce light directly on the wall or close to it is ideal. Shades are used to block light from entering the eyes while the user is facing the mirror.

Sconce lights offer excellent illumination as they create faint shadows around the face. This provides a more realistic sense of scale than lights directed directly at the face.

Sconce lights are generally located at or near the top of the bathroom, so they are easily visible. These lights are easily visible, so homeowners can choose attractive shades for their sconce lights.

Bathroom Vanity Lights

Bathroom vanity lights typically consist of a bank or two lights that are located above the mirror. This bank of lights are usually connected to the same electrical circuit and controlled by one light switch.

The vanity light can be described as the heart of the bathroom’s lighting system. Some bathrooms use only the vanity light to provide all lighting while others might have both a ceiling or vanity light.

The bathroom vanity lights can be used to illuminate the sink and countertop because they are located above the counter or bathroom vanity. Avoid vanity lights with inadequate shading. They can shine too brightly into the users’ eyes.

Most bathrooms have vanity lights installed today. If the light is not installed yet, an electrical box with a switch-controlled, live socket should be provided. The installation of a bathroom vanity light in a bathroom is straightforward. The light usually mounts on an electrical box with decorative or hidden screws.

Bathroom Chandelier

Chandeliers aren’t something you need in any bathroom. But, think about how they make a statement. Chandeliers are fun and showy, but also a bit extravagant. The chandelier will hang above your bathtub and make you feel as if you’re staying in a five star hotel.

A bathroom ceiling must be at least 10 feet tall, and preferably higher, to accommodate a chandelier. You should not have a very large bathroom so you can fit all elements into the same proportions.

Bathroom Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting is a very popular option throughout the house. They can be used to lighten rooms and are not in the way. Recessed lights are mounted in holes in ceilings. Wires are run through ceilings to connect multiple recessed light to one another.

Recessed lighting in bathrooms is a space-saver. Even small bathrooms can benefit from one or more recessed lights placed around the room’s perimeter. Recessed lights can be used as general lighting because they provide little illumination for those who are standing near the sink or countertop.

Recessed lighting is often located in the corners of bathrooms rather than in the middle. However, recessed lights can be placed in the center of bathrooms if they are large enough.

Bathroom Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a way to direct light in bathrooms that most need it. Because it is positioned above or below your head, pendant lighting will catch your attention.

Since it can’t provide sufficient illumination for the entire space, pendant lighting should be used with other bathroom lighting fixtures.

Because pendant lighting can be so dimmed, you should only use it in bathrooms larger than the one that has the countertop.

Bathroom Mirror Light

The illusion that the bathroom mirror is suspended from the wall can be created by a bathroom mirror light. The mirror is floating on the wall in a way that it’s not. Bathroom mirror lights can often be seen projecting from the wall to allow for a light behind it. This light creates a soft, mysterious glow around the mirror.

Another option is to install LED lights into bathroom mirrors. The light strip’s thin LEDs bathe the room and users with bright white light. For 48-inch mirrors, LED perimeter lights for bathrooms start at $550.

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