Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration


Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

Do you want to create a tranquil sanctuary in your home? You want a place where you can unwind and relax. Renovating your bathroom could be the best way to create your oasis.

Remodeling your bathroom can be a fun process. It’s a rewarding experience, from gathering inspiration to seeing the final product. There are some things you should consider to make your renovation run smoothly. It is always a good idea to plan backwards in a renovation. Talk to your contractor as you are beginning to plan. They can help you determine your timeline, budget expectations, and when to order your fixtures and other items to make sure they arrive on schedule.

The tiles are an important part of any bathroom remodel. The perfect tiles can add a wow factor to your bathroom. It’s crucial to consider the size, shape, colour, and finish of the tiles. There are so many options for bathroom tiles that you can choose from. This will allow you to create something unique.

A classic white tile is a great choice if you want a bright and modern bathroom. You can also choose to make your bathroom a focal point of your home by choosing a mosaic or coloured tile.

We’ve collected our top tips, tricks, and inspiration to help get you started on your bathroom remodel journey.

Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

There are so many beautiful tiles available, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. To make this easier, think about how the size of the tile will impact the space. Large format tiles can be a great choice if you have large bathrooms. They are easier to install, require less tile, and are quicker. To give the illusion of a bigger bathroom, you can use white tiles with a medium size to add light and dimension.

Ceramic tiles are the most in-demand bathroom product. They are loved for their affordability, durability, and stain resistance. To make your bathroom stand out, you can choose a patterned, coloured or mis-matched tile.

Amber offers a variety of bathroom tile designs and colors to match any style.

No matter what tile you choose, it is a good idea to have your bathroom tiles installed by professionals who will ensure that your bathroom remains structurally sound and beautiful for many years.

What type of tile is best to use in a small bathroom?

Bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms are plentiful. There are many options for colors, sizes, and finishes so you can choose from the best!

Ceramic tiles are the most popular choice for small bathrooms due to their durability and low-maintenance style. They also have a high density and are easy to customize. Porcelain tiles can also be a great choice for small bathrooms. They are made from durable materials which make them very hardy and long-lasting. This makes them ideal for bathrooms with high traffic.

Which color tile is best for the bathrooms?

The way a space feels and the ambience it creates can be affected by the colour of its walls. Designers often choose lighter colours for bathrooms because they can create the illusion of a larger space.

White is a common choice in ensuites, creating the illusion of more space. However, lighter tones can be used for larger bathrooms because they are timeless and versatile. A white or lighter-coloured bathroom can be used to create the illusion of a larger space. This will allow you to add bold colors through lush greenery and coloured towels.

Dark, patterned, or coloured tiles in the bathroom can be a way to really make a statement and add drama to your home.


While there are many amazing tiles available, white wall tiles remain the most popular. White tiles are classic and will still be loved 10 years from now. They evoke a sense of cleanliness and freshness.

There are several tile trends available that will add drama to your bathroom. The most popular tile trend in Australia is decorative encaustic tiles. These are loved for their fun and neutral prints. Because of their minimalist yet elegant style, Japanese-style stick mosaic tiles (also known as “kit-kat” tiles) are a popular choice. Kit-kat tiles give your bathroom a tactile feel and add warmth to it with their tactile finish.

Which tiles are the best for the bathroom?

A tile that suits your lifestyle, budget and style is the best for your bathroom. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are a good choice if you are renovating or re-tile a bathroom in your family home. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and are durable. They don’t need sealing and are therefore very practical and easy to put in.

A mosaic tile can be a more decorative option. The intricate tilings create a sense of luxury in your bathroom, and it will give you a feeling like it’s almost holographic.

You have many options when it comes bathroom tiles ideas. From tiles made of vinyl to glass to travertine and linoleum to tiles made of vinyl, Amber has a wide range of products.

What colors make a small bathroom seem larger?

Bathroom tile colours and designs will create the illusion of more space. There are many ways to open up a space. It’s well-known that light-toned and white colours can make small spaces seem larger. White reflects light, creating the illusion of receding walls. This makes the space appear larger. You can add colour to the space by using cabinetry, towelling, or other decor styling items with a neutral white base.

Are big tiles good for a small bathroom?

Contrary to popular belief, large tiles work well in small bathrooms. Because of their minimal grout lines, medium to large format tiles look great in smaller spaces. Larger tiles will have fewer joints and provide a uniform finish.

Our inspiration blog has a lot of great ideas and pictures to help you choose the right bathroom tiles for your small bathroom.

Do you want your shower tiles to match your floor tile or should they be different?

When it comes to matching your floor and shower tiles, there are no rules. Tile flooring can be darker than the walls which adds depth and dimension to the space.

Many homeowners and designers choose to match their wall and flooring to create a cohesive space. This can also make a space seem larger.

You can find many bathroom tile ideas online. Take a look at some inspiration blogs to get ideas.

Which tiles are the best for shower walls and floors?

You love the best tile for your shower walls!

While it is important to keep your style consistent, porcelain tiles are often more suitable for wet areas than natural stones.

Porcelain tiles have a key advantage: they are non-porous and durable. These tiles can look and feel fresh for years, while natural stones may require regular maintenance.

Mosaic shower tiles offer a unique and more intricate option for those who want to make their bathroom look even more elaborate and elegant.

Which color is the easiest to clean in a shower tile?

Bathrooms are places that are frequently damp, wet and need extra ventilation. It is wise to choose a tile that is easy-to-clean and requires little maintenance.

Tiles are very easy to clean, whether they’re made of natural stone, vinyl, laminate, porcelain or glass. The polished porcelain tiles would be our best option, as they are durable, high quality, and easy to maintain.

Are bathroom walls made of tile outdated?

It’s actually quite the opposite! It is still very popular to use bathroom wall tiles. Bathroom tiles are a popular choice for many architecturally important homes. They are both functional and visually appealing.

Tiles are far more durable than painted walls and require little to no maintenance. Tiles are able to withstand extreme heat, humidity, and wet conditions and can be easily cleaned and dried. Tiles are also low-maintenance. Tiles are durable, easy to clean, and affordable. They can also be used as a decorative accent in your home.

What is better for a shower: matte or glossy tiles?

Matte tiles make a great choice for your shower floor because they are slip-resistant. This makes them ideal for family bathrooms. You can give your bathroom a rustic, natural look by using matte tiles. Glossy tiles make a great choice for shower walls. Their reflective surface makes the space feel larger and is easy to clean.

What tile pattern is best for small bathrooms?

How tiles are laid can have a major impact on the overall feel of the bathroom. You can have a classic or a more decorative look with one tile by using different patterns.

Subway tiles can be a great way of transforming your bathroom into a stylish and sophisticated space.

Japanese-style stick mosaic tiles (kitkat tiles) can be used to create visual and textural interest in your bathroom’s design. They are timeless and have a neutral palette. This design is compatible with many styles, and it will not be out of fashion anytime soon.

Hexagon tile patterns can be a modern and geometric way to enhance your bathroom’s design. Whatever your choice, think about how tiles will look with other elements in your home.

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